Thursday, January 22, 2015

Race # 54- Disney Cast & Family 5k Fun Run

This year, for the first time (well, that I know of), Disney had a Disney Cast & Family 5k Fun Run.  Luckily I signed up pretty early because it sold out.  I was really excited to run it but had no idea what to expect.

I have to wear a new outfit for every race and I had the perfect shirt for this one.  I had won a shirt from Disney in Your Day and it was perfect!!

I met up with my friend Nicola and her hubby.  We chatted for a bit before the race began.

Soon everyone gathered to start.  The emcee announced that the faster people should be in the front but there were definitely a lot of people who were not used to races.  I started in the middle and had to weave around lots of people running, right from the start.  But I knew it was a fun run so it didn't bother me.

The absolute best thing about this race??  That there were character stops with no lines!!  And the pictures were free!  Call me silly but I was so excited by this!  First race I've ever stopped at every character stop!!

Here I was waving to the person who shouted out that she loved my shirt and wanted it!

I love that you can see Mickey's hand in this one!

There were also "fit stops" with little activities like kicking a soccer ball into the goal but I skipped all of them.  I just wanted the characters!

They would only let the winners take a picture with the Boss but I snapped a quick one.

It was a really fun race/fun run and I hope they do it every year!

Oh and there was a cute tee too!

I finished in 32:38.  Not bad 3 picture stops too!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekly Recap- January 12-18, 2015

The first week post Goofy and I feel great!!  No pain at all!  After last year's injury, it's such a relief!  And thus, the Run Streak continued!

Monday--1 mile 10:10.  I felt really good during the day so I decided to just go my normal pace and not slow down.  My achilles was a little achey but not too bad!

Tuesday--1 mile in 10:11.

Today was a great mail day!  I got my Stridebox  in.  I have to be honest--I was pretty disappointed with this month's box.  I think I might see how next month's go and then I might cancel it.

Then a month or so ago, I found out I won a Pure Protein contest (for about 15 minutes, I thought I had won the Grand Prize which was an international  But this duffle bag is actually quite nice and the box of bars look yummy!

 And then I received my Secret Santa gift from my sister-in-law from Gone for a Run.  It was such perfect timing and so needed.  I love it!

We went to dinner with the Goldsteins for my Goofy celebratory dinner at a local japanese restaurant and got frozen yogurt after.  Yum!  (although Red Mango's frozen yogurt tasted too healthy for me--I'll stick to Menchies!)

Wednesday--1 mile in 9:27.

I went to Firebirds to meet up with some friends for happy hour and to celebrate Meghan getting a new job!  It was really nice and the food and drinks were really good!  I had the Crispy Mahi Tacos (too spicy for me. I could only eat one).  The Pretzel bread and Samuel Adams Beer Cheese---sooooo good!! And the passion punch.

  Then we went over to Segafredo which was the coffee bar.  It had this really cool rooftop lounge.  The girls got some hot chocolate but I was saving myself for dessert later.

 We were right by a Fresh Market and I had heard about their whoopie pies.  I got some along with mini chocolate bundt cakes, a toffe chocolate chip cookie and dried veggie chips (which I have now become addicted to).  The snacks did not disappoint!

Thursday-- ran 3.02  miles in 35:17   Mile 1: 10:51, Mile 2: 11:59, Mile 3: 12:14, Mile 3-3.02: 12:49. Average Pace: 11:42

Friday- 1 mile in 10:01

I attended a Yelp Elite event at Christner's Prime Steak and Lobster.  There were several yummy food and drinks for us to try.  And it's always fun to mingle!

Then Pam, Christina, Carla and I were still in the mood for dessert so we went over to 4 Rivers Smokehouse to the sweet shop there (I didn't even know they had one!)  I had the mint chocolate dipped Oreo that was to die for!  I also had this Earthquake chocolate dessert that was sooo rich!!  Soooo bad but hey, I ran 39.3 last weekend, so I'm entitled! :)

Saturday- 6 miles in 1:08:20.  I met up with Cori to run some of her 10 miles with her.  It felt good and no pain! Mile 1: 11:24, Mile 2: 11:30, Mile 3: 11:33, Mile 4: 11:24, Mile 5: 11:25, Mile 6: 11:02, Average Pace: 11:23

Kory and I went to dinner at Red Robin so I could get that milkshake I had been craving since I was diagnosed with strep (when they were out of milkshake mix!)

Sunday- 1 mile in 8:52.  At the halfway point, I noticed I was running a 9:29 pace.  I decided to see if I could speed up to make my overall pace under 9.  Check.

I worked at Disney in Gangster in the morning.  Gotta get those hours in.

Total miles this week: 14.02
Total miles in 2015: 72.56
Total miles: 1667.69

2,015 in 2015 miles: 176.77
Run Streak Days: 18

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Race #53- Tower of Terror 10 Miler

I love runDisney races.  I get so excited for them.  And the Tower of Terror 10 Miler is no exception!

Cori and I were dressed as the Queen of Hearts and her Card.

A bunch of DisBrides were running the race, so we met up with them.  And unknowingly (to me & Cori) they had all dressed up from Alice in Wonderland too!!

We fit right in!

We also met up with Kate from Raw Threads.

Soon it was time to head to our corrals.  After not too long of waiting, the fireworks went off!

I started off with Cori but ran the race on my own.

 As I entered the Wide World of Sports, Christianna caught up with me.  We ran together briefly and then played tag for quite a bit of the racec--quite literally.  We'd run by each other, tapping each other and saying "tag!"  It made the time pass by quickly!

I didn't stop for any pictures until I got to the end.  I had to have one with my medal in front of the Tower of Terror!

I waited for Cori to finish and then we went and got changed and met up with a bunch of Raw Threads people.  Then we grabbed some food.  Peanut butter and jelly, fries, and chocolate milk is the perfect post-race treat!

We were pretty tired but had to stop for a quick picture with Pain and Panic since I don't think I have one of them.

It was another great runDisney race and I have to say that I'm quite sad that they won't be  having it next year!

I ended up finishing in 1:45:05.  Not bad.

My overall place was 1751 out of 9387 so well into top quarter.  For gender, I place 748 out of 6146 and age and gender I placed 146 out of 1102.  Pretty good.  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Giveaway Winner- Flavor Run Orlando

Congratulations to




for winning an entry into the Flavor Run Orlando!!

 Heather and Christina, email me at onceuponarun (at) hotmail (dot) com by Saturday at 9 pm and I'll give you your info to register!!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Weekly Recap- January 5-11, 2015

And just like that, it's over.  runDisney's WDW Marathon Weekend came and went by so fast!  I had some ups and some downs but they were Disney races, so fun is always had!!

Goofy Challenge Week:

Monday-- 1 mile in 9:37

Going back to school was rough.  I really wanted another week of break.  Since I was sick for half of it, I felt like I only really got one week of vacation.

Tuesday-- 1 mile in 9:17

Wednesday-- 1 mile in 10:02

Faith and I took the morning off to hit up the WDW Marathon Weekend Expo.  We really should have just taken the whole day off.  We got some of what we wanted done, but I ended up coming back later that afternoon.

Official race shirts and goodies in the bag

Official runDisney race merchandise

Other goodies bought--Sweatybands, Marathonfoto package, fuel, Champion shirts

Thursday--1 mile in 10:08

Kory and I met up with our friend Tasha for dinner at Splitsville at Downtown Disney.  She was in town with her family for the marathon too.  It was so great to see her!

Friday-- 1 mile in 10:02

Friday afternoon, I took the afternoon to attend a Cigna Blogger Cookoff event at the Wide World of Sports.  It was so much fun!  We had a cookoff, ate lots of yummy food, took pictures with the Head Chef, and met lots of great friends!

I also hit up the expo one more time

I went so I could get KT Tape'd by the people a the expo.  I've always had a great experience.  This time, not so much.  I asked the guy a couple of questions which answered with one word responses.  Then he taped my ankles in ways I hadn't had done before.  I figured he knew what he was doing, even when it was bugging me next morning.  Piece of advice--go with your gut.  I ended up stopping right before Magic Kingdom to sit town, take off my compression sock, and untape myself.  I had blisters there from the tape and still have a mark.

Saturday-- 13.56 miles in 1:31:27  Goofy Challenge Part 1: WDW Half Marathon  Mile 1: 9:45, Mile 2: 9:59, Mile 3: 10:57, Mile 4: 10:53, Mile 5: 13:54, Mile 6: 14:00, Mile 7: 10:57, Mile 8: 11:14, Mile 9: 10:51, Mile 10: 11:05, Mile 11: 11:22, Mile 12: 11:19, Mile 13: 11:39, Mile 13-13.56: 9:08, Average Pace: 11:19

This race was a little rough.  I got stuck in a long line for the bathroom at the Ticket & Transportation Center and then had to sit down and undo the KT Tape.  Both times I tried to make up for the time when I shouldn't have.  But I did take fun pictures!

I headed home for an Epsom salt bath and a quick nap.  Then I met up with Kory, Tasha, and her family at the Animal Kingdom.  I knew I needed to walk around a little bit to loosen my tight muscles.

Sunday-- 26.98 miles in 5:26:48.  Goofy Challenge complete!  WDW Marathon  Mile 1: 10:51, Mile 2: 10:09, Mile 3: 11:29, Mile 4: 11:12, Mile 5: 10:42, Mile 6: 13:52, Mile 7: 10:55, Mile 8: 11:32, Mile 9: 11:41, Mile 10: 11:33, Mile 11: 11:32, Mile 12: 11:55, Mile 13: 11:46, Mile 14: 11:28, Mile 15: 11:29, Mile 16: 12:10, Mile 17: 11:59, Mile 18: 11:58, Mile 19: 11:58, Mile 20: 13:45, Mile 21: 12:19. Mile 22: 13:19, Mile 23: 17:52, Mile 24: 12:39, Mile 25: 12:44, Mile 26: 13:13, Mile 26-26.98: 11:07, Average Pace: 12:07

Another rough race.  Two long bathroom lines. And just a slow pace.  I was hoping to drop 30 minutes off my time from last year when I was injured.  But I only dropped 4 1/2 minutes.  Let's just say I'm not a happy camper.  Not really sure how to get past a disappointing race that I'd been working so hard towards.  (Yes, I know that I ran a half the day before.  Yes, I know this is an accomplishment.  But I'm just plain pissed at myself and that's that.)  But as always, it's a Disney race so it's always fun, there's lots of pictures, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. (Well, maybe a better time---only if it was while still at the same race.)

Oh, but where's my picture for Hollywood Studios you say?  Well, I hate the hat so I always get a picture in front of my home, the Great Movie Ride.  Here ya go.

Oh yes, thank you cast member for listening to me and getting a picture of the sign.

Anyways, Goofy Challenge Completed!

Later that night, Meghan and I attended a Disney Park's Blog runDisney meetup to see the movie McFarland USA.  It was a little rough sitting in a theater after that much running, but it was a great inspirational movie about a high school cross country team so it fit!

Total miles this week: 45.54
Total miles in 2015: 58.54
Total miles: 1653.67

2,015 in 2015 miles: 137.53
Run Streak Days: 11

Monday, January 5, 2015

Flavor Run Orlando Entry Giveaway!

Looking for a fun run??  Come join me at the Flavor Run Orlando on January 24, 2015!

The Flavor Run Orlando is a family fun, un-timed 5K walk/run that includes a new fun twist on the popular color runs by engaging all of your senses; taste, smell, touch, hearing, and sight. Instead of traditional color stations, we have "Flavor Stations" where runners/walkers are covered in fruit flavored color powders! The Flavor Run Orlando is meant for all levels and ages of runners. Children 6 years old and under participate for free! A portion of the proceeds generated from the Flavor Run Orlando will be donated to Girls on the Run. 

Flavor Run Orlando event info:
Location: Bill Fredrick Park Date: January 24th, 2015
Time: This year we will be holding TWO back-to-back Flavor Run events at Bill Fredrick Park
- The MORNING Flavor Run - Starts at 9 am  
- The AFTERNOON Flavor Run - Starts at 2 pm

Your ticket to the Flavor Run Orlando includes:
- Entrance to the 5k run and post-run Flavor Festival
- Awesome Flavor Shirt (unisex and women’s sizes available)
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- A 2015 Delicious Strawberry Finisher’s Medal

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