Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekly Recap- March 23-29, 2015

This past week I enjoyed Spring Break although it was way too short and enjoyed a girls' weekend trip to Savannah for a race!

Monday-- rest.  We lost softball (and I was good again and didn't play.)



I found out that both Faith and I got into the Marine Corps Marathon!  I'm so excited!!

I met up with a friend for lunch at Crafted. We split the Artisanal Cheese Dip for an appetizer that was soooo good!   I had the Block & Blue Burger.  It was tasty too but a pretty normal burger.  I'd definitely go back for more of that cheese dip though!

Later that night, Meghan, Karen, and I attended the Orlando Meet and Sweet.  There were sooo many delicious treats to try!

Thursday--rest.  Kory and I went to see Insurgent at AMC's Fork & Screen.  I enjoyed the movie.

Friday--rest.  I got up early so we could head out to Savannah for our girls weekend in Savannah to run the Publix Savannah Women's Half Marathon!  We made a quick stop at Starbucks and then were off.

We hit up the expo first.

We walked around some, ate lots of yummy food, and checked into our hotel.

Saturday--Publix Savannah Women's Half Marathon.  13.30 miles in 2:17:46.  Mile 1: 8:25, Mile 2: 8:41, Mile 3: 9:31, Mile 4: 10:12, Mile 5: 10:04, Mile 6: 10:20, Mile 7: 10:29, Mile 8: 10:25, Mile 9: 10:49, Mile 10: 11:15, Mile 11: 11:13, Mile 12: 11:21, Mile 13: 11:39, Mile 13-13.3: 11:01, Average Pace: 10:21. Got a stitch in my side around 0.7 miles in so had to start intervals around 2.3 miles. Ankle started hurting around mile 3 and legs tightened up painfully around mile 7. I guess that's what happens when you run a a half when you haven't run in a month except for 4 races.

We ate lunch, rested and did some more shopping.  We ate more cupcakes and had a fancy, celebratory dinner!

Sunday--rest.  We got up and had breakfast before driving back home.

My friend gave me this perfect runner's Easter treat!

Total miles this week: 13.30
Total miles in 2015: 265.24
Total miles: 1871.68

2,015 in 2015 miles: 693.94

Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekly Recap- March 16-22, 2015

I took off running all of last week to see if it would help my ankle but it still seems to be bothering me.  The half next Saturday should be interesting.

Monday-- rest. We lost our softball game (although I was good and didn't play so I could rest my ankle.)  I entered the Bank of America Chicago Marathon lottery!

Tuesday--rest.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I actually made an Irish meal-- Baked Corn Beef with Sweet Mustard Crust and Colcannon (mashed potatoes with cabbage, bacon & onion).

Wednesday--rest.  Meghan invited me to a blogger event at Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar. We would be making our own empanadas and enjoying other tasting items like mojitos.  It was lots of fun!

Thursday--rest.  I attended a Yelp Elite Event at Artegon Marketplace and Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill.  We had a fun scavenger hunt in the Marketplace and I'd been wanting to try out the new restaurant!

Friday--rest.  Faith and I laid out by the pool for a little bit.  Later that night I finally got to watch The Last 5 Years and then I went to Howl at the Moon with Natalie and Rafael for Natalie's birthday.

Saturday--rest.  I entered the Marine Corps Marathon lottery.  Fingers crossed that both Faith & I get into both marathons!

Sunday--rest.  Worked in Tour Guide at the Great Movie Ride all day.  I was looking for the Cinderella Carriage popcorn bucket, but they were still sold out.  I was also looking for the Carriage candy apple but they hadn't gotten in a part they needed.  I did find the Cinderella Carriage Rice Krispie Treat though!

Total miles this week: 0
Total miles in 2015: 251.94
Total miles: 1858.38

2,015 in 2015 miles: 662.14

Friday, March 20, 2015

Yelp Elite Event- Yelp Goes Local at Artegon

Last night I got to check out the new Artegon Marketplace and the new Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill thanks to another wonderful Yelp Elite Event!

The Artegon Marketplace is on I-Drive where Festival Bay used to be.

We were welcomed with some yummy food and drinks to start off with.

Then Andi told us what our plan for the night was-- a scavenger hunt!  We were to visit some of the stores and we would get a sticker or stamp!

First up was Marketplace Framing.  Everything looks better in a sparkly frame!

Next we wandered over to Pepper Palace.

Karen decided to try the hottest sauce in the store.  I'm not near brave enough!

Up next was the Beef Jerky Outlet where we sampled some really yummy beef jerky.

We actually went back later to buy some beef jerky.  I find myself craving it during marathon training.

We walked over to Tea Craze next.  There we sampled some tea--the Weight Loss Tea and a Yelper's Delight Tea (it was red of course!)

We strolled over to the Florida Soap Company.  They had several samples we could take with us.  I chose this Jungle Love Sea Salt Bar since I was told it was good for feet (and my poor runner's feet need all the help they can get.)

We sauntered over to Looker Fine Art.  Here we saw some great art pieces and met a new friend-- Pupcake Sketchadoodle. He was absolutely adorable!!

We hit up a couple of more places but the last one we went to was Zoo Tamers.  They had these giant driveable stuffed animal things.  You could rent them out to drive around the marketplace.  It was creepy yet cool at the same time.

All the Yelpers met back up for some prizes.

Then Karen and I went on the Sky Trail.  It was fun!!

I could only go on the stable things since the rope walkways were too wobbly for my ankle but I'd love to go back and try it out sometime.

Then it was time for the afterparty at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill.

They had some yummy food (which unfortunately we took too long at the trail so some of it was out).  And this amazing drink called the Orlando Float (Smirnoff Vodka, Smirnoff Iced Cake Vodka & Ginger Ale topped with Whipped Cream and a Cherry!)

It was another fun Yelp event!  Thanks to Andi, Artegon Marketplace and Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill for setting it up!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekly Recap- March 9-15, 2015

My ankle was feeling better this week so I was hoping to start my runs again next week.  But it turned out that it was really bugging me during the race on Saturday.  I'm going to be good and take a full 2 weeks off before the Savannah race.

Monday--rest.  I attended the Yelp Elite Event at LongHorn Steakhouse.  It was sooo good and I met lots of new friends!

Tuesday--rest.  My dad was in town so Kory and I went to Happy Hour with him at Ruth's Chris.

Wednesday--rest.  I got my Stitch Fix in.  I kept the white shirt with black hearts.

Thursday--rest.  I went out with some Yelp girls to BJ's Brewhouse to celebrate Mia's birthday!

Friday--rest.  I drove home to Orange Park for the race the next day.  I went out to dinner with  my parents to Bistro Aix.  They'd been raving about the Blue Cheese Chips which I was dying to try.  We also tried Veal Bone Marrow "Canoes" (very interesting) and this really good seafood ravioli which was ravioli stuffed with shrimp and crab topped with lobster in a lobster cream sauce.  So good!  For dessert we had Chocolate Gateaux.

I also got my race packet that Kristin had picked up for me.

Saturday- Gate River Run--9.46 miles in 1:42:09. Mile 1: 8:24, Mile 2: 8:27, Mile 3: 9:30, Mile 4: 10:36, Mile 5: 11:29, Mile 6: 11:51, Mile 7: 11:44, Mile 8: 12:36, Mile 9: 12:47, Mile 9-9.46: 10:07, Average Pace: 10:48.

Went out too fast & had to start intervals at mile 2! Gah! Ankle was bothering me! Faith caught up to me around mile 4 and we ran together for the rest of the way.  At the end of the bridge, my foot slid halfway in a grate--my foot hurt after that. Luckily only short distance til end. Felt really slow but only 38secs slower than last year.

Sunday--rest.  Worked in Gangster at Disney and had a friend ride my show--I didn't even know she was on it!

I also found Cinderella's Carriage & got to hold the Glass Slipper

When I got home, I checked the mail and had my March Stridebox

In the box was:
Untapped Pure Vermont Maple Syrup
Arena Sciences- Ice Cooling Towel
Honey Stinger Energy Bar- Peanut Butter N'Honey
Bonk Breaker Energy Chews- Orange Tangerine
SOS Hydration Drink Mix- Citrus
Health Warrior Chia Bar- Mango
Stridebox Stretch Strap

Total miles this week: 9.46
Total miles in 2015: 251.94
Total miles: 1858.38

2,015 in 2015 miles: 634.64

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yelp Elite Event- LongHorn Steakhouse

On Monday night, I attended the Yelp Gets Friendly at LongHorn Steakhouse event.

Not only was I spoiled with delicious food, but I met some great new friends (one of whom I discovered I was actually already friends with on Facebook through a DisBrides group!!)

When we walked in, we had assigned seats.

  Those of us who had been Yelp Elite for several years were on one side, and the newbies were on the other.  After every course, the Elite on the other side moved down one seat.  So we got to know a bunch of new people.  I had so much fun connecting with them and there were fun conversation starter cards on the table too!

The menu for the evening looked yummy!

First up, the drinks.  I had a Strawberry Margarita that came with a ROCK CANDY STIRRER!!!  That was so much fun!  And there was more in the shaker so it was like a double drink!

The appetizers were served to the table and we got to taste them all.

The Spicy Chicken Bites were a lot of people's favorite but I'm a wimp and it was too spicy for me.

If forced to choose, I *think* this Crab & Artichoke Dip was my favorite appetizer.

This Wild West Shrimp did have a teeny bit of kick to it, but I could still handle it.

And I really liked these Sweet Corn Fritters too!

Up next, we had our choice of the Grilled Chicken Tortilla Soup or the Mixed Green Salad.

 I knew the soup was spicy so I went with the salad.

They brought out the cuts of meat to show us the difference.

I also learned how to cook the steaks using the touch test using the finger/thumb rule (when you touch your first finger to your thumb and then feel the pad of your thumb, that's what the rarest should feel like-- all the way to when you touch your pinky finger to your thumb and feel the pad of your thumb, that's what the most well done should feel like.)

For entrees we had a choice of one seafood item, Blackened Cobia & Cajun Rice, or three steak options, 8oz Flo's Filet, 18oz Outlaw Ribeye, or 8oz Roasted Garlic Portabella Sirloin.  I seriously could not decide between the steaks.  Filet is my absolute favorite and what I usually order.  I was intrigued by the Ribeye because I would never order that for myself.  But the Sirloin had a delicious sounding sauce.  So I told the waitress to surprise me.  What did she choose?

The Outlaw Ribeye!  It was huge!!  I only ate half of it along with my Loaded Idaho Baked Potato and took the other half home.  I probably could have eaten it all but then I knew I wouldn't be able to enjoy dessert.  I also tried a little bit of one of the other sides, the Steakhouse Mac & Cheese.  It had bacon in it and was really tasty!  (I didn't try the Sweet Potato with Cinnamon Sugar & Butter or the Fresh Steamed Asparagus but they looked good!)

Finally two desserts were brought out for us to try.

The Chocolate Stampede


Blueberry Lemon Butter Cake!

Normally I'm a chocolate girl all the way.  But the Blueberry Lemon Butter Cake was soooo good!  I really don't think I could pick!

For a parting gift, we were treated to a free appetizer coupon for the next time we dine at LongHorn Steakhouse.  And there was also an intagram contest--which I won!  Yay for a $25 gift card!

Thank you Andi and LongHorn Steakhouse for a night of great food and new friends!!